Mechanical and biomedical engineer of Pios Labs in Austin, TX. Consults and does fun stuff in design, games, and education.

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Web Development
Preview of www.piuswong.net
K12 Engineering Education Podcast
Logo for The K12 Engineering Education Podcast
The Calculator Gator
Preview of The Calculator Gator
Improv for Designers and Engineers
Image of classic theater masks
Engineering Word Of The Day Podcast
Logo for Engineering Word Of The Day
"Word Choice" Digital Toy
Preview of flowchart behind the 'Word Path' toy
Exquisite Corpses Archive
Example exquisite corpse result
Electronic Quilts
Leo constellation quilt
Omniwheel Prototype CAD
"Carrying Water" LEGO Stop-Motion Video
Still frame of LEGO stop-motion video, Photo credit: Gina Palacios
Musical Improv
Photo of a musical improv show, credit Steve Rogers
Predicting Car Crashes in Texas and Illinois
Preview of daily car crash line graph
"ChiraScreen" Pharma-tech Business Pitch
Preview of slide explaining chemical sensor
Orthopaedics Research
CAD of Knee Rig
Political Donations by Profession in 2008
Preview of political donation bar graph
Estimating Religious Belief in High School in 1999
Preview of pie chart on student religions