The K12 Engineering Education Podcast

Real conversations about how to bring engineering to younger ages

From 2012-2016 I helped develop the high school engineering curricula Engineer Your World at The University of Texas at Austin, doing things like developing LabVIEW-powered earthquake similator software, or writing assessments that teachers could use to quiz their students on customer needs analysis techniques, or benchmarking microcontrollers for cost and effectiveness in the classroom. Talk about running the gamut of topics!

There I also trained a lot of teachers on the curricula and met professionals with all sorts of interesting ideas. As just an engineer entering the educational world, I always learned how much I didn't know when speaking to other people. We had so many interesting conversations to do what we were doing, and I wished we had a way to capture that.

That's why this podcast started. When I left UT, with the help of colleagues Rachel Fahrig, Sadhan Sathyaseelan, and several other people, the podcast was born! Now we could record some of these conversations about this growing educational field.

Oddly enough people seemed to be more interested than I thought when I started, and so I'm investing some more time into it. Check out the podcast website, linked below, to get more information. I hope it's a useful resource. You can subscribe on all the major podcast players, sign up for updates, and find links to past episodes, so please listen.


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