Musical Improv

Practicing instant song

Thanks to training at Merlin Works improv (particularly from Aden) and at The Hideout Theatre in Austin, TX, I picked up the less-known hobby of musical improv. I don't mean something like jazz improvisation -- although that could be part of it, too -- but I mean mixing made-up songs with comedy and theater. Who would've guessed I'd get into this?

Besides playing in comedy shows, I'd like to be skilled enough in it to make up anything musically, serious or satirical, and have it be good. One instructor called the goal "making up poetry on the spot," except to music. I'd also like to get better in piano, guitar, and ukulele, so I can play along. If others out there are interested in musical improv for something other than comedy, lets collaborate.

If you're looking for a slightly more technical application of improv in your professional life, check out my other improv-related project, roughly titled "Improv for Designers and Engineers". Although I haven't yet integrated music into that improv project, I'm sure it could be done.

Human People:
a Musical Improv Troupe

Greg Mihalik started the Human People musical improv troupe in Austin, TX, in 2016, and I was fortunate to get involved and play with this big group! The photo on this page (credit Steve Rogers) comes from a show we did at Coldtowne Theater in Austin, and the troupe also has played in San Antonio, Houston, and New York City. To see when we're playing next, or just to follow what we're up to, check out the weblinks below: